About Me

“Hi it’s Macey and welcome to my life”

My name is Macey-Marie and my @ name is pretty much the same everywhere! Feel free to join this crazy ride with me as I try to figure out life and presets. I love sharing my thoughts and life through pictures. Nothing is limited when it comes to my blog… mainly Spirit led and lifestyle. I’ve accepted the challenge to use my voice. I want to bring light and for this to only be a positive place. I like to keep my blog open to post freely, but I do have favorites and you’ll see. I hope you find inspiration. I love blogging and being able to express myself. Social media is a huge outlet for me! After all, I am pursuing a major in communications. I may be one of the few, but I do believe social media has been a great addition to society. With social media and any other tool in life— it is what we make it. Positive or Negative. For me it is definitely positive! I am twenty-one years old and I’m learning so much about my passions and who I am. Here is me showing you along the way. Come tag along 💕 

I know you probably don’t care to read an entire about me page so here are some fun facts instead…

Coffee junkie and lover. ☕️

I love thrifting! I love the look of high end fashion, but rolling on a budget.

Personality type is ENFJ. “With vision and determination, nothing is impossible.”

Social media is something I’ve always loved and it just so happens that now I can get paid doing it, it doesn’t get better than that right?

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