First Day

Today was my first day of my second to last semester of college. My alarm clock went off at 7am, I hopped out of bed, brushed my teeth and logged onto my computer. No commute! I actually woke up a little too early for my 8am. All my classes have been moved online, my work has been pushed to remote and my internship is remote for the semester. Everything is on my computer.

This morning I still woke up excited for a new semester, I still felt the same as I do on first days. So I’m hopeful. There are good things and bad things with the changes, but I have faith its going to be good, maybe even better. I’m even keeping my fingers crossed for less stress (shhh).

Maybe you’re struggling with seeing the good in the time we’re in. Maybe you’re a high school senior and you think this ruins everything or you’re an athlete and are worried about your season. I don’t know what your situation is I just know we all have one. All of our worlds have been flipped upside down and we’re trying to navigate our way through.

So I made a list of the good this morning. The good in having a different semester than I thought originally and I encourage you to do the same to life your spirits. I’m a firm believer that no matter how crappy the situation there has to be some good in it.

My Good Things List….

  1. I don’t have to wake up at 5am or 6am for classes.
  2. I don’t have to commute. Which brings some relief considering I totaled my car on my way to class last semester.
  3. I won’t be spending so much money on gas which means I can put more in my savings.
  4. Since everything is remote I have the opporunity to continue working two jobs.
  5. I will be able to manage my own time and schedule.

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