Life During a Pandemic

Are we really five months into this thing? How crazy is that! I guess we’ve proved we can survive it all.

Looking back at March I remember some people talking about this “Coronavirus” the unknown. It felt like within a week’s time of hearing the word for the first time stuff hit the fan. For college students like myself, we went from you’ll have an extended spring break to now we’re entering the fall semester remotely.

It’s unreal how quickly life can change I’ve never seen anything like it before. This will not be a post to condemn you for not wearing a mask or being six-feet apart, but to encourage you to give yourself a pat on the back. You’re here, you’re making it, you’re surviving and that is incredible!

So what do you do during a worldwide pandemic? What has the last five months been like? For me, its consisted of zoom, quarantine, lots of gym and walking time, lots of coffee time and trying my best to remain productive when it is so easy to be lazy… am I right?

Creating a routine has been one of the only things getting me through. I’ve even ventured into the world of hiking and enjoying the heat and sweat haha. Yoga, avocado toast and white chocolate mochas have been a life savor. And I must say my house is spotless.

Who knows where we will be five months from now, hopefully we will be on the other side of this thing. But if not, hopefully we’re still kicking butt, staying healthy and sane. Breathe, relax, take care of your body.

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