My COVID-19 Experience

WHEW what a month… I’ve shared on my social platforms that I was recently affected by COVID-19. I have had many people send me questions asking about my experience. I wanted to wait until I truly felt I was on the other side before sharing a post and here we are! I hope at least haha.


I was exposed the evening of June 9th, 2020. That week I had been dealing with sinus issues so I decided to go to the doctor that Wednesday to get a shot thinking it was just sinus problems. At this time, I was unaware I had been in direct contact with someone who had tested positive for COVID-19. However, I did know that someone in my church had tested positive, but hadn’t been at any functions recently. I shared that information with the doctor and told them that I had a friend who tested positive for COVID thinking she had only sinus problems as well. I was tested for safe measure. I received a call later that week, after being tested, saying I had been exposed on Tuesday evening like I previously stated.


I experienced my first symptom Friday June 12th. I was sick to my stomach all morning, bad headache and had hot flashes most of the day. Saturday morning I woke up with a fever of 100, terrible headache and body aches. I received a call from the doctor’s office that morning telling me I had tested negative for COVID-19. I felt strongly that I had a false negative or tested too early. Sunday, I developed a sore throat, more body aches and a cough. Monday was my worst day. My cough was strong and hurt, it sounded terrible. I began having shortness of breath and decided to go back to the doctor to make sure I hadn’t developed pneumonia. I had a chest x-ray done and was given a breathing treatment. I was tested again for COVID-19. My chest x-ray came back good and my oxygen levels were good. The doctor said that shortness of breath was the most common symptom they had been seeing with the virus. Tuesday, I started to feel better and my cough was not as bad. From then on I felt better each day. I got the call from the doctor’s office that Thursday after saying I had tested positive for the virus.

Testing and Results

Testing and waiting on results has been chaotic. I understand it’s due to the spike in cases and the high number of people being tested. For my experience, it took two tests for me to test positive and by the time I was notified I had already been through the worst of it and was recovering.

I was tested with a nose swab, nothing evasive just a simple swab each time.

In the beginning, when I was being tested to find out if I had the virus results took only 3 days where I went. Now, being retested afterwards to get a negative swab results have taken 7 days if not longer. It’s different each place, but those numbers show us just how many people are being tested for the virus. It’s alarming.


I quarantined the day after my exposure until Saturday July 27th. A little longer than 14 days. Here is where I will give some insight on what I did to stay sane during quarantine. I watched a lot of movies and shows and dove into the beautiful world of Disney+. Luckily, I currently work from home and was blessed with an understating boss and co-workers. When I was feeling sick, I tried my best to rest. Once I began to feel better I started to walk again to get outside for fresh air and listen to a podcast. I didn’t ever come in contact with anyone outside of my house.


My boyfriend also tested positive for COVID. We were exposed at the same time and developed symptoms around the same time. Sadly, I spread the virus to my dad and it affected him a lot harder than it did me. I’ve watched this virus affect some and not affect some at all. I’ve seen it put people in the hospital, on ventilators and knock healthy young people on their butt. I say all that because I feel like there are still people who aren’t getting it. I was as careful as can be and even picked at for being too careful not wanting to go out and I still ended up getting it. I don’t say that to scare anyone, but I hope to encourage you to take the precautions of wearing a mask and being socially distant. We have to think about others with this virus and how it can affect each person differently.

Common Questions

Did it feel worse than the flu? I haven’t had the flew in a few years, but from what I can remember it felt like a strong case of the flu for sure.

Did you have a headache everyday and did your nose burn? I did have a headache for the days I felt really sick. I also had a runny nose the entire time.

Did your smell and taste go away? My taste and smell didn’t completely go away. I didn’t notice at first that I had lost any, until I realized I couldn’t smell my lavender essential oil or pillow mist. My taste and smell are still a little off but coming back slowly.

What was the first symptom you had and main symptoms you experienced? What I’ve told others who have asked is if you develop a headache, fever and know you’ve been exposed I would advise being tested. These were big indicators for me. I also had a severe sore throat and cough.

How long did you have it? I only had symptoms for about 4 days during the 14 day quarantine period.



If you know you have been exposed and plan on being tested line up people who can get groceries for you if needed, this ending up being an issue for our household.

Stay in contact with friends and family over the phone, or go outside. Don’t allow yourself to sit inside and be lonely. It is tough but you will get through it!

Don’t forget to take it easy don’t make this harder on yourself. It’s okay to rest, take a break and slow down.

I hope this answered most of your questions! Again, this is just my experience and it is different for each person. I pray you are safe and healthy and your household remains COVID free. Thank you for all the love and prayers. ♥️

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