Pilot Pete and The Bachelor Finale

*Whew* what a season. Another one that ended in flames that’s for sure. Even Reality Steve didn’t crack this one and found himself as befumbled as us watching the finale. Now we know production only allows us to see what they want us to see but man some of this stuff can’t be made up. If you missed this season here’s a brief rundown.

“Peter you should’ve kept your peter in your pants”

Hahahaha I couldn’t resist!
  • Peter starts off his season and is sidetracked by Hannah B.
  • Will Hannah B. join the season?
  • SIKE! Heck no she had a mirror ball to go win!
  • Champagne-Gate
  • Kelsey cries for the first time
  • Peter feeds into the women’s drama
  • Alayah leaves and comes back then leaves again
  • Kelsey has cried some more
  • Tammy throws us a curve ball and becomes the villain of the season
  • Peter sticks with Victoria F. despite all red flags
  • Peter is intimate with 2/3 of the women on overnight dates
  • Madison walks away
  • Peter even though in love with Madison, proposes to Hannah Ann
  • Peter then breaks things off with Hannah Ann
  • Things look bright for Peter and Madison
  • SIKE AGAIN! In comes Barb (a.k.a Pete’s mom)
  • Peter’s entire family despises Madison and holds nothing back on live television.
  • No surprise here Peter feeds back into the drama
  • And low and behold Peter and Madison called it quits

Bam. That’s it. “That’s the tweet.” No but in all seriousness this season was a MESS. Literal shambles. I thought things would be different but we definitely finished this one with a different perspective on Pilot Pete’s personal life.

Some of my thoughts… I find it hard to believe that Pete will have it easy settling down with anyone, partially because his mother seems to pull a lot of his strings.

Madison handled herself with grace the entire time and made friends with Selena Gomez? So who is the real winner here?

Hannah Ann could possibly make a good Bachelorette candidate in the future.

Maybe things will start to turn around for the franchise, but I’m not fully convinced with the announcement of Clare Crawley as the next Bacherorette. Will it be eventful? Definitely. Especially with all of the 20 year old men production has casted for her. But will the season even run with the Coronvirus pausing production? Who knows.

On the bright side, it looks like Hannah B. and Tyler C. have possibly rekindled some sparks. At least we have that to be hopeful for!

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