Senior Year

Journal Entry 02/03/20

It’s weird to say that I’m a “senior,” again. Super senior to be exact. Especially when it means in college and not high school. I only have three semesters left for my undergrad. Lots of emotions start to boil up, but eager is bubbling at the top. Eager for that next step, new beginning and what’s next.

Everyone’s journey is different, this is one reason I love UAB so much. You see people from all walks of life- different ethnicities, countries, ages and the list goes on. College is different for each student. There’s no wrong time and no path is too long. It’s specially catered to you.

Allow that to be a reminder if you feel stuck or if it’s taking longer than you expected. We’ll all get there when we get there at the exact right time.

My senior year resolutions:

  • Land another awesome internship
  • Conquer campaigns and lead an awesome presentation
  • Challenge myself with graphic design

Overall, I hope to have a smooth transition from college student to alumni. Don’t we all. So I give that part to God. All of my hopes, dreams and aspirations. And trust that He’ll lead me exactly where I need to be.

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