Ordering From SHEIN

Last semester I spent a lot of time online shopping. Having something to look forward to seemed to make me feel better. During my five months splurge I spent a lot of screen time on SHEIN. I get asked a lot about items that I have purchased from SHEIN and I wanted to share my experience and give you lovely people some tid bits!

I have never had any issues ordering from SHEIN. I can’t speak for others, but I have found it to be pretty reliable even when it looks too good to be true. A few things to note…

You Get What You Pay For

Quality comes with the price you pay. A lot of items are super cheap, I think it’s a total steal. 9/10 you wouldn’t be able to tell something is under $10 dollars, but it still needs to be noted haha.

Always Read Reviews

I never order anything without reading reviews and looking at photos posted of the items! This is the most important part. Other shoppers will be your life savor!


Shipping is never too long and I usually get my items within two weeks or less! I’ve never had a package come in bad shape.

Promo Codes

SHEIN always has promo codes available and students can get 15% off.


SHEIN offers points that you can accumulate over time with every purchase, review and by checking in daily!

Is there anything I left out or that you have more questions on? Let me know below. You can shop my looks on my Like To Know It! Xoxo. đź’•

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