The Year 2020

It feels like I haven’t had the words to blog in a while. I know I could post outfits and what not, but I like to post with a little more meaning. Today is my first day of my senior year of college. Three more semesters… just three and then what? The answer is I have no idea. What are you going to college for? What are you going to do with that degree? When are you and Tanner going to get married? Wow if I had a dime for every time someone has asked me that. The answer to every one is that I don’t have an answer, not yet anyways. I will one day.

But as everyone around pushes me to do… don’t worry about the future. Don’t waste your life away. It’s so hard not to at our age, because we’re always eager for the next thing. We’re in the in between phase where there’s so much to look forward to.

This year is the year I decide to focus on me. To save, work my butt off, seize every opportunity and not let anything hold me back. So what is it for you? Do you need to make amends, let go, move forward, try harder? You can do it all. There’s still time.

What I like so much about this year already is that it marks a new decade as well. So instead of resolutions I’ve made a list of things I wish to accomplish in the next ten years. I encourage you to do the same. Write them in your journal or post them on a sticky note on your mirror, just hold yourself accountable.

I’m going to push myself this year mentally, physically, spiritually, blogging, social media, work, school, everything I want to give a 100%. I hope you all do the same, because we’re in this together!

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