Saying Goodbye To Bad Habits

Let me start by saying this semester is kicking my butt. Apparently, I’m not the only one. Several people I know are having the same feelings, so I wonder… Something really must be in the water. 

I have tried to make changes, self-reflect and breathe. I’m bringing you advice I’ve been using on myself. 

Know when enough is enough. Know when to say no.

Tough words to chew on, right? At least they are for me. Notice I said “are” and not “were.” This is one of those things I have to figure out daily. This semester I signed on to two part-time jobs, a full class load, joined several organizations and all of this being a commuter student. I still didn’t think it would be too much, but as I have to remind myself daily, I am only one person. For weeks, I tried to convince myself to stick it out, but that wasn’t smart or healthy. Finally, I figured out I needed to cut some things and delegate. 

While this hasn’t solved all my problems, I definitely don’t feel like I have so much on my plate. Find yourself in a similar situation?

Here is some sisterly advice: 

  • Try to spend about 30 minutes a day doing some form of exercise. This isn’t just good for your physical body, but mentally too. I love to walk and get my mind off things.
  • Drink water! It sounds silly but water cleans out toxins and junk from your body. It can be the best medicine, skincare product and energy booster.
  • Write down how you’re feeling. I came across an article that encouraged people to write down whatever they were worried about for the day. Once you write, or type it in your notes like me, you leave those worries there. You’ve acknowledged them and written them down now you can move on and not bring them into the next day.
  • BREATHE a great method I learned to calm myself is called, “Square Breathing.” It’s literally what it sounds like. You breathe in for four beats and out for four beats repeating until you’ve controlled your breathing and settled down.
  • One thing that I’ve started doing daily is stretching! My little form of yoga at night and just taking those 5-15 minutes to stretch and relieve tension from my body before going to bed helps me wind down from the day. Sun Salutation is a great way to stretch all parts of your body and alleviate stress.

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