Lash Extensions… YAY or NAY?

I’ve had eyelash extensions for 12 days now thanks to my friend Abbey Crump, @simplyabbeyesthetician at La Bella Skin & Wellness.

I’ve never tried the glam side of skincare and beauty, so this was a bit out of my comfort zone, but GREAT! So I’ll go ahead and jump into your questions….

What exactly are lash extension?

Eyelash extensions are lashes applied with an adhesive to each of your individual lashes. I asked Abbey how many she puts on during the process and I was amazed when she said over a hundred…. like what! That’s crazy.


The price of a full set of lashes vary from place to place. They typically fall within the $100-$200 price range.


The application process is super smooth. Your esthetician will lay down a strip underneath your eye so that nothing gets in your eye or under neath your lashes. Time wise you should expect at minimum an hour.

How long do they last?

Extensions last 4-6 weeks. Fill ins are encouraged within 3-4 weeks.

Do they damage your natural lashes?

No they should not damage your natural lashes! Be sure to go to someone who is properly trained.

Different styles?

There are different lengths, curls, and thickness options.

Overall, my experience has been great so far. It was an adjustment at first. I have naturally good lashes, but the extensions do make a difference. Once I was use to seeing myself with them after a few days I was hooked. I’ve had a few fall out, probably because I’m new to this and I’m learning how to take care of them. They have been very convenient and life savors in the mornings when I don’t feel like wearing makeup and I can just get up and leave. I haven’t had to wear mascara on my top lashes at all, it makes taking makeup off ten times better!

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