Twenty One

Tomorrow is the big day! So I wanted to share 21 things I wish I knew earlier on in my twenty one years.

  1. Pineapples are really good
  2. Stay away from mean girls in high school if they talk about people to you, they will talk about you to other people. Don’t become something you’re not.
  3. Be happy with whatever car you have, a ride is a ride. Two doors are convenient so you never have to be the one to drive around the group.
  4. Be patient putting on tights roll them all the way down and then step in.
  5. Sugar is better than Splenda
  6. If he cheats, 10/10 he’ll do it again, pray for him and move on.
  7. Glitter makes everything better! (though I’ve known that my whole life)
  8. Sports aren’t always everything, your brain will get you through college when nothing else will. Have some faith in it.
  9. Nothing good comes from procrastinating.
  10. Always keep a bottle of ibuprofen handy
  11. Don’t turn down family photos
  12. Put your mental health first, stop sacrificing it for others.
  13. Forrest Gump is a good movie.
  14. Bath and Body Works candles are worth the money.
  15. Open up a savings account and start saving, every little bit counts!
  16. Make new friends!
  17. Girl you got this go to the gym and slay. Drink all the water!
  18. There is no such thing as bad cake. (love how I put these two back to back?)
  19. Always always always use sun screen even if you think you won’t burn.
  20. You can never watch too much Friends
  21. Live your best life, not for others but for yourself!

Here’s to another amazing year!

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