Bachelorette Season Recap And Thoughts

Where to even begin with this season is the real question here? This post will probably be a long one because it’s jam packed of drama for your mama. So sit back, drink some coffee, and let’s dive into the tea…

As an Alabama girl myself, Roll Tide, I was thrilled when ABC announced Hannah Brown as the next Bachelorette. Before Colton’s season I don’t believe there had ever been anyone from Alabama on the show, and now we have our own Bachelorette? We’re moving on up people.

The season kicked off with thirty men chasing after Hannah’s heart, one eliminated fairly quickly because of his whole, “I have a girlfriend back home” thing. Ironic right? We’ll get into that later… So initially just like Hannah, I thought Luke P. was beautiful and I loved me some Tyler C.

However in life some things change and some things do stay the same. Let’s start with Luke P. Well quite honestly the only word I can think to describe this saga is trainwreck. Maybe that sounds harsh to you or not harsh enough. Heck I’m a walking trainwreck 90% of the time so I’m just being real. My heart felt for Luke P. in the fact that I eventually just felt sorry for the guy. I mean he couldn’t say the right thing if he were reading it off a prompt. While I respect his values and there are things he said that lined up with my beliefs, many many of the things said or I guess I should rephrase that… how he worded things just weren’t it. And that’s life we don’t get to redo scenes, we say things out of the heat of the moment or think of things we should’ve said later. I’m not defending Luke nor belittling him. I believe Luke, like many of us, has room for growth.

My man TC. UGH all of America is in love with him right now. Though after last Tuesday’s episode it could be that Tyler may be off the market soon. And honestly I am rooting wholeheartedly for Tyler and Hannah! I’ve never watched someone on this show have such great character and speak so genuine. It has been refreshing to watch. I’m not going to lie watching Tyler get out the limo first definitely had me emotional… yikes like no don’t break his heart! But I couldn’t be happier seeing how the After the Final Rose wrapped up. Maybe love is still in the air?

Now the one and the only, Jed Wyatt. I really didn’t want the guy to be bad, regardless of the countless ways he snuck his guitar into conversations. Also I’ll admit it I’m terrible, I read spoilers. It’s my weakness with everything from reading the end of a book first to looking at Reality Steve’s spoilers each season. So knowing Hannah picked Jed I hated knowing that things would end up not at all how she planned. I thought Hannah handled herself with grace ending things with Jed, and even better having the chance to really dig into him on national television yet choosing to take the high road.

Having been in a relationship founded on lies I know how much it can hurt to know you may never actually get the truth from that person. I applaud Hannah for being strong and independent. Most of us girls may not have been so strong to end things just like that.

Probably the biggest discussion this season has had is “I’ve had sex and yes Jesus still loves me.” I’m going to link a blog post I came across from a girl who wrote exactly everything I could type about the situation. I encourage to you give it a read! Here’s all I’ll say. God’s grace is sufficient. Does that mean go out and sin like crazy then ask for forgiveness? No of course not. But we know and fail each day all too well, I’m thankful for a Jesus who loves me. I’m proud of Hannah for sharing her faith this season and allowing it to guide her. Maybe we ourselves would have handled things different, but it’s hard to say considering our love life wasn’t aired for the world to see. So instead of sitting here and deciding what was right and wrong and this or that, let’s instead realize that through this season that could be the highest watched and ranking yet, Jesus was shown to millions.

I feel like Chris Harrison when he says, “This is the most drama filled season yet, and you won’t believe what happens” when I say that yes this could be may favorite season yet. I’m glad they keep topping each other haha.

Who will the next Bachelor be? If I had to guess it’s probably between Peter and Mike. My money right now is on big Mike! But we’ll see… Get your audition tapes ready ladies!

Link to the blog post I mentioned- A Letter to “The Bachelorette from a Christian