I Fail At The Small Things

I fail at the small things.

This is something I spoke out for the first time recently. I am a very impatient person. The little things drive me crazy. Any out of the way noises, people smacking, something not being in the right spot, plans getting changed, traffic, you name it. I seriously drive myself crazy sometimes with how impatient I can be. But the other day I noticed that yeah I get aggravated easily and I don’t handle the slightest inconveniences well at all, but I can handle the really hard, tough, and uncomfortable things pretty well. Maybe that make sense, putting all of your effort into the big things you don’t leave room for anything else. So that’s something I know I have to work on. Maybe you can relate to me. Maybe your family or friends don’t understand why you don’t have a lot of patience, but maybe they don’t notice that you have all the patience in the world for the things that really matter. But let’s challenge ourselves, you and me. Let’s not let the enemy try to throw us off track with counter attacks. Because we can be strong in every situation, and I know that I can get past my little annoyances to be an overall happier person! Challenge accepted?

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