Best Friend Gets Engaged

Wow what a day! He put a ring on it!


This is a place where I share my thoughts and my life. While this isn’t directly “my life” these people are a huge part of it and I knew I wanted to include this to look back on! Who doesn’t love big life event? Even better, who doesn’t love watching a plan and surprise come to fruition?

First off, I want say a big congratulations to Caitlyn and Caleb! It has been so fun to watch your fairytale come to life. We had a plan and we pulled it off! I still splotched the entire time, but hey what’s new?

Without going too much in detail into Cait’s proposal, because this is her story to tell, I want to give a little behind the scenes of what it was like! The four people you see pictured next to me are my best friends, and after this special occasion it is even more evident that they would go to great lengths for those they care about.

Caleb, the fiancé, killed it. I’ve never seen someone be so chill and confident in a time where I would freaking out!!! We had a mastermind pulling the strings aka, Jordan (overalls), from tricking Caitlyn into thinking she was helping a friend out, to surprising her with her fiancé who she hasn’t seen in months, and then to top it off with a PROPOSAL I know this day will be something these two will cherish forever.

It was so fun and honoring to be apart of something so big. It’s also so strange to know we’re literally at the age where our friends are getting engaged, like whatttttt???? What’s next? Who knows, you’ll know when I do! Until next time 🙈

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