The Lights Festival

At last I see the light…

It was all my Tangled dreams come true.

All you need to know

I purchased tickets to the event months ago so the anticipation has been killing me. Sadly, it kept being postponed due to the lovely Alabama weather. So what exactly is the lights fest? In the middle of nowhere haha… you’ll find thousands of people, music, and food trucks in preparation for the big night. We arrived at the festival a little over an hour before the lights were released. Gates open at 4pm and lanterns were launched at nightfall around 8:30pm! Parking and the walk to the event were not bad at all! I would recommend bringing chairs and umbrellas for shade. Lines for food were crazyyyy so load up on snacks! Decorating the lanterns was special. Whether you show of your artistic abilities or commemorate a loved one its a beautiful and meaningful sight.

The lights being in the air and lighting up the night sky lasted about 10-15 minutes and it was a lot at once haha. Lighting the lanterns was a struggle and we did have a few come crashing down, so initially people were freaking out. Of course, there’s always going to be those people… who light their lanterns before time and everyone lets out a great big “BOOOOO.”

Overall, it was a magical experience, and a hard but worth it, photo op. Next time I will just enjoy being in the moment because it is spectacular! If you have the chance to attend this festival you must do it!

The Lights Fest

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