My Fitness Journey

Journal Entry 05/20/19

Many of you probably saw the title of this blog and let out an *eye roll*

But before you do that, this post isn’t me acting like I know what I’m talking about when it comes to fitness, I promise. This is to hopefully hold myself accountable and to have something to look back on. Lord knows that could be forever from now because I have a lot of cheat days ( someone say amen) but nonetheless we’ll get there!

Anyone heard of freshman fifteen? Well I’m a junior now so let’s multiply that times three. Okay maybe not that much…

In high school, I was super active. I was that friend who could eat whatever they wanted and never see difference. I can attest now that is no longer the case haha. While I’m not in terrible shape, I have a lot of room for improvement. I want to eat healthier, which I have been doing for the past few weeks and its so not easy at first!

I don’t have a picture before I started of my body, well I did but somehow that’s disappeared ( love that )

These two pictures are probably about a week apart. I’m not sucking in, probably slumped over if anything haha. I was averaging about 146-150 on a scale, coming from someone who weighed closer to 120 when they graduated high school, that’s not me trying to better my body. My goal is to be able to look back and say “I was in the best shape of my life in my twenties.”

Right now I’ve lost a couple pounds and weigh about 142-143. While I’m not so concerned with my weight on scale, because body types can look so different when muscle is involved, it does feel good to know there’s been some progress.

If you have any fitness inspos let me know! I am constantly following and saving workouts!


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