How A Community College Was The Right Decision For ME

As a senior your instinct is most likely one of the following…

“I want to leave and never come back”

“I’m not going to a community college.”

“I’m so ready to move out.”

Whatever you’ve thought I did too. I had several different plans to the point where I thought I was going everywhere. I went through several different plans before I landed on my actual destination.

I was going to go to Alabama, because duh Roll Tide. I was going to cheer at Montevallo, which if I even tried to do a toe touch right now I’d probably break my body. After attending a basketball game and purchasing a shirt I was going straight to UAB. Pretty much wherever I toured at that moment was where I planned on attending.

I remember being completely lost and overwhelmed, wanting to move off, but having no means to do so. I had a decent ACT Score, good GPA, possibilities and opportunities… but guys if you didn’t know it yet college is expensive. Which leads me to student debt.

Student debt is no joke. If I hadn’t accepted my scholarship at a junior college and had my first two years covered I have no idea what I’d be doing trying to pay for four years of college. So make smart decisions, you will thank yourself later.

College is going to be an adjustment no matter where you go, prepare yourself for that. Especially if you do decide to move off as a freshman. I’m so grateful for my two years at my local community college because it taught me the whole “college thing,” without scaring me to death haha. Even as a junior in college, on my first day at my university, I had a tiny ounce of fear.

Don’t look at what everyone else around you is doing. You cannot base your life decisions on what others are doing with their life. What’s best for someone else may not be best for you. Maybe you’re suppose to go to a junior college first, go to a university, go straight into the workforce, or join the military. The right decision is different for everyone, make sure you’re making yours for you. Regret and resentment have no business in your life.

A community college was the right decision for me. We cannot plan for the bad outcomes in life and I’m not saying we should plan for things that may or may not happen. However, I know for a fact I would’ve ended up coming home during my freshman year anyways because of the things that were taking place.

When you’re making the decision on where you’ll further your education choose the one that makes you excited! I remember getting my letter in the mail, not how movies portray it, where getting accepted is the big thing, which in some cases that may be true. But the letter that paid for my college, and there was no better feeling. You’ll know when you know, where you’re suppose to go. I know how stressful senior year can be and the big decisions you’re force to make, but it will all work itself out. Trust your gut.

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