Your Now Is Just As Important As Your Next


It’s that season we never really want and we’re so ready to get through when we’re walking through it… The Waiting Season.

Don’t lie. You know its true. No matter how many times we try to convince ourselves that we’re grateful for each and every season, sometimes we really and truthfully aren’t. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, let’s be honest some seasons we go through suck… like big time!

Do you feel like you’re right on the brink? Like you can reach out and touch that next thing? That next goal? I feel you sis.

Maybe you’re the single friend amidst all of the couples, the one who isn’t married yet and maybe not even close, the woman who desperately wants to be pregnant and is surrounded by pregnant women, the one who is seeking a promotion or raise, searching for a new house or apartment, or just needing a new thing.

We’ve all been there in some capacity, and if you haven’t yet, you will. But don’t be dreadful!

Your Now Is Just As Important As Your Next.

There is something fulfilling about being present in your present day. I am world’s worst about having a 5-year plan, super eager for future things, and ready to be done with one season and on to the next.

There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity.

Ecclesiastes 3:1

Lord knows I am not patient, but I have learned to take a step back. If you’re freaking out over what’s next or why something isn’t happening right in this very moment, maybe you’re questioning why God hasn’t answered your prayers. Take a step back. Look at your life.

We get caught up in our time. So when we pray we think if God hasn’t answered us within a day, week, or month that he has forgotten or isn’t going to do anything at all. So there is something very important to know

God is outside of our time. He’s seeing the whole scale of your life beginning to end. So when he is working and moving within our life it may be in ways that a year from now we see how things were put into place, opportunities were given, circumstances were changed, etc. It may not be black and white or exactly how we asked for it to happen, but everything that he does, he does exactly when and how we need it.

I encourage you to be present in your now. To stick it out through your waiting season. And to never stop praying. God hasn’t forgotten you. It may not happen right this second or in the way you pictured, but I promise it will be so much better.

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