Life Tip For Blondes

Today’s post is another life hack, but is geared toward my fellow blondies! Under light of recent events I found myself using the best hack known to man yet again.

Have you ever left your purple shampoo on for too long, didn’t love the color toner that was left on your hair, taken part in a paint party, or gotten into a pool and had your hair turn green? Well I’ve experienced every one of these as tragic as it sounds.

BUT because of my mistakes I have found the answer to all our problems… Baking Soda + Clarifying Shampoo. There’s nothing these two can’t do! Seriously if you’re struggling to get unwanted color out of your hair I promise you do not have to resort to ketchup (someone say hallelujah?)

Mix baking soda and clarifying shampoo together and massage into your hair, let this sit for a little bit, then rinse out! Works every time… well for me so don’t come for me if doesn’t on you just try it again haha. I have all the faith in the world in this method and it hope it will help you guys out in the future!

Check this link out that includes this hack and a few others!

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