Favorite Beauty Products

Today’s post is a product spotlight… Well three products! I’ll be 100% honest. I’ve never been big on skincare/beauty products/etc, not because I didn’t want to be. Only because I never knew what to do or what to use, I still don’t half the time. So when I find a few products I love I feel accomplished haha. I’d thought I’d share with you guys three beauty products I’m currently obsessing over….

1. Bloom Hair Vitamins

I’ve been through two bottles of Bloom Hair. Once before I cut my hair and now with it short. These vitamins have seriously made my hair grow like crazy.

2. VS Pink Detox Scrub

Any detox scrub is amazing to be honest! I love having silky smooth skin and if you’re looking for a good scrub then I recommend any of Pink’s listed on their website! There are tons of scents, so pick your poison!

3. C&C Total Zen Cleanser

I am so lazy when it comes to washing my face, which is not good do not do as me. It may be because this one foams up which I just love, but I use it religiously. My face can be sensitive to cleansers, but this one has helped my breakouts!

If you have any beauty favorites leave them in the comments for me to check out!

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