Posing For Photos

“Strike a pose”

I asked on my Instagram if you guys wanted to see a How to Pose post? And it was a solid yes. Disclaimer: I am not a model nor have any experience haha. There are tips I’ve learned along the way on how and what to do when posing for pictures!

Aside from using props to bring more definition to the photo, aside from adding movement such as throwing up an arm or kicking out a leg like Tezza, aside from a crazy cool location… because I live in a small town in Alabama not Cali or Nashville so we don’t have colorful walls and beautiful scenery at my finger tips. I’ve learned “positioning.”

What I mean is how can I stand and place my body in a way that is flattering for me. I’m a hippy girl so sometimes standing squared towards the camera isn’t my best side. I’m going to talk from my personal view point and what I do in photos, after you read this and head out for your next shoot play around with poses! What’s flattering for me may not be flattering for you and vice versa.

What I do

  • I typically move a lot while the camera is clicking. Like constantly. Honestly most photos I post are just a random pic in the middle of a hundred shots where for a split second I did something that I liked…. like that’s it. That’s the trick.
  • Angles Angles Angles I love taking photos… well I love making @lifethroughlevi lay on the ground and take pictures that make me appear to be taller. Can my shorter girls relate?
  • Whatever I’m most self conscious about whether that be my arms, thighs, or booty I maneuver around with my hand placement, I use whatever I’m wearing to cover up or hide areas I don’t just love. (Love yourself through your insecurities!)

What I don’t do

  • I don’t do the same thing for every shot. You have to experiment! Experiment with your style, photo shoot locations, hair styles, etc.

While I’m learning as I write this post that my only tips are really to take more than one photo, try different angles, and move around while the camera is flashing… I hope that this helps in this least bit haha!

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