Interview Do’s And Don’ts

You hear back and you have an interview tomorrow at 10:00am. Your initial reaction is to freak out… but wait it’s all good.

I’ve now experienced it all. Interviews one on one, interviews with a panel, interviews with two people, etc. Just like you I’m nervous every time. Can I let you in on something? That’s normal. But use you it all to your advantage. Use your nerves to push yourself. Working in a Career Center I’ve learned a lot about how to work with employers, amp up that resume, and how to act properly in an interview. As a college student, I’m seeking internship positions like they’re candy so I thought I’d lend a helping hand to those just like me!

First, what to wear?

I asked the question to my career consultant the other day… “Should I wear a dress shirt or blazer?” Their response, “Both!” Needless to say unless the interviewer says otherwise, dress to impress. For me that includes a blazer, nice top, dress pants, and a pair of shorter heels (don’t want to break my neck trying to impress someone) Don’t think that you have to spend a lot of money to look professional. TJ Maxx is where I found 99% of my business attire. Literally snagged a blazer for $8.99. You can’t beat that!

Study Up

You would hate to end the interview being asked the question, “What attracted you to our company” and have no idea what exactly you’re even being interviewed for. Do a little digging. Find keywords that the company uses within their website to describe themselves and be sure to include those in some of your responses. This shows the company you’d fit right in to their environment.

Practice Questions

Questions you may be asked include…

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. What is your greatest strength?
  3. What is your greatest weakness?
  4. What are some ideas you have to boost…
  5. Tell me about a time where you were faced with a difficult decision, what did you do?

Ask Questions!

Yeah I know… we as the ones being interviewed should as questions? Yes, employers like to see that you are interested, engaged, and not afraid to ask questions. These may include…

  1. What qualifications are you specifically seeking out…
  2. Do you see room for growth within your company?
  3. Is their training available for this position?
  4. What does every day-to-day work life look like at your company?
  5. What has been your experience with this organization?

Send that E-mail or Write that Letter

After your interview send an email or write a letter saying thank you for the opportunity, etc. Putting your face in their mind one last time.


I splotch. It use to just be when I was nervous, but now it tends to happen with several emotions. Each of us have nervous traits, but take a deep breath, slow down, and just be yourself!

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