Spring Break Recap

Wow Spring Break could not have happened at a better time. Springing forward could have been tragic, but instead I wasn’t forced to wake up at 5am which would’ve felt like 4am at least for another week. So what did my Spring Break consist of? Honestly, lots of rest. Before this past week I wouldn’t haven been able to tell you the last time I had a day, let alone a week, to do absolutely nothing.

Monday I forced myself to not leave the house and just be lazy all day. That may sound weird to some people, or like an everyday thing, but for me it is very rare. Ever since I was probably seventeen I’ve been on go. No time to slow down, no time to stop. I live a fast paced life and that’s turned into my way of living. So not doing anything kind of makes me want to pull my hair out. But it is so needed.

I preach about self care, while I need to listen to my own advice. I’m currently reading Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis and I feel like we are the same person. She refers to herself as a workaholic, and that may not seem like a legitimate thing but boy is it the truth. That’s exactly what I’ve turned into. Never allowing time to just relax. This week was much needed. I haven’t sleep past 7am in so long, waking up at 9am and 10am felt like a treat!

Now, while I didn’t take a fancy trip or go on a crazy adventure, I had a great week. A very much needed week. I surprised myself this morning. Thinking it would be hard to wake up early and get ready, I actually woke up on my own and early at that! I know, WOW! Happy flippin Monday!

Most of my friends will be on Spring Break a week from now and sadly I won’t be, but I think it was good to have so much time to myself. I encourage you to at least take a day and not do anything. Binge watch a Netflix show, sleep all day, take a walk, or a bubble bath. Whatever you need to do to give your mind a break!

I checked off everything on my to do list for Spring Break and there is seriously no greater feeling… Am I right? I washed my car (twice lol), cleaned the house, turned my hair pink for a few days, slept in, drank a ton of coffee, worked out, did absolutely zero school work, treated myself and had my nails done, and thanks to the beautiful weather I capped my week off laying out. Idk how it can get much better than that haha.

So maybe this has been my favorite Spring Break, but next year I will take that fancy trip or crazy adventure mark my words. 😉

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