Bachelor Recap

So that’s it… that’s a wrap again. I have been watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette for several years now. My first season was Emily Maynard’s in 2012, so I’ve been hooked for seven years now LORDDDDD. I usually enjoy the Bachelor seasons more, I’m not sure why. I guess it gives me anxiety thinking about competing against 29 other women for one man. There’s no doubt I wouldn’t make it haha. That’s one reason I’ve liked this season so much. It could be my favorite yet. I loved how Cassie was vulnerable and honest. Most of the time the show comes off as more of a game, but like Hannah G. said last night “This is my life.” So I respect how this season played out. Colton and Cassie both following their heart. Whether most of what we were shown was staged or not, we watched their love story unfold and then explode into two kids being in love. It’s sweet. This season has had much controversy. And if I’m being honest I may have looked at spoilers. It’s a really bad habit of mine. I’ve done it since I was little, skipped to the end of the book, watched the last season of the series first, and now I look up Bachelor spoilers. I put a lot of trust into Reality Steve. After the Brooks and Desiree fiasco, I was heartbroken myself. But I still look to Reality Steve’s spoilers because I just can’t take it lol. But to fully recap last night in two words “Real Life.” Because love is not easy or perfect, it’s complicated and not always simple. It appears all the tears were worth it!

Now the Bachelorette… Hannah B. ROLL TIDE! I’ve seen lots of controversy over this announcement too. I think Hannah is hilarious and I love that she’s a little awkward, because let’s be honest the concept and show itself is awkward like 100%. So my fellow Alabamians we have to root our girl on quirks, accent, and all! The Bachelorette kicks off May 13th so make your plans.

*Cheers* to Hannah B. may she find someone who chooses her every single day.

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