What To Do When You Have The Flu

First of all, this thing just came out of nowhere. I literally woke up yesterday morning with a sore throat, went to the doctor, and BAM flu.

As a person who is constantly staying busy and moving, these days of “rest” are driving me crazy. I live way too much of a fast paced life to slow down… you feel? That might just be it, the Lord is telling me to slow down.

Challenge accepted. So I’ve been in bed all day, wow Lazy Mazy. But doctor’s orders. I feel like the flu has invaded our town at a rapid pace where no one is safe. Like seriously “Hide ya kids, Hide ya wives” because ain’t nobody safe.

What to do? Are you sick too? Here are some way to occupy your time…

  1. REST ( yuck )
  2. Sleep
  3. Bingewatch Netflix
  4. Bingewatch Youtube
  5. Take Drugs (not the illegal kind)
  6. Catch up on homework or work in general
  7. Take a bubble bath
  8. Light candles
  9. Eat soup… potato is my favorite
  10. Eat ice cream #treatyourself

So while there is no significant purpose for this post and it’s mainly humor for me going out of mind hahaha, enjoy. Stay healthy, wash your hands, and don’t breathe in anyones air… XOXO, Mac.

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