One Week Later

Journal Entry 1/17/19

Either writers block is very real or I’ve been so busy my mind hasn’t had time to think, let alone allowed me to sit down and focus on writing. But I’m going to try so here goes nothing

I started my first day of what I guess you could call my “New Life” one week ago. Let me tell you… I’m not sure what I was expecting with my hour drive to class, but I think I forgot that meant I would have to leave an hour ahead and wake up about an hour ahead of that to get ready. So I now find myself waking up at 5 o’clock these days. Some days pushing it more than others. But as bad as people talk about Birmingham traffic, it honestly hasn’t been all too bad. And if it were, the moment I walk onto campus to work or go to class makes up for it. I feel like I’ve adjusted pretty well so far. Big change? Absolutely. I’m a twenty year old girl who has only driven to Birmingham maybe twice in her whole life before last week. I’ve grown up loving to come to Birmingham, but I’ve always been spoiled in being the shotgun rider. I come from a small family, small town, small high school, and small community college. So the 21,000 people I’m surrounded by day-to-day now is new territory for me. Though I feel like I’ve learned a few things already. Including a few new perspectives and beliefs. A place like this I definitely feel you either “sink” or “swim.” You’re thinking blah blah blah whatever, but I mean it and it’s true. You’re either involved and on top of your game or you’re just another face to pass through. In which I refuse to be. I guess I’ve never been the person to sit on the sidelines and watch others do. In this time of my life I want to stay away from being a bystander at all costs. I want to be everywhere and anywhere my two feet and two legs can carry me. I believe that making connections and giving your time and dedication to something you love, that only good things are bound to arise for you. Another belief I have established in just nine short days is that I do with everything in me I know there’s no way I would have survived here as freshman. As much as I’d like to have thought I would at the time, I’m thankful for my year and half spent at Bevill State. It was a bit smoother transition for me because of that experience. I had the “college” thing down pat before I came, now it’s just a few tweaks here and there to nail this “UAB thing.” If I haven’t said it already, I love this place. I love the feelings that it gives me- butterflies, empowerment, and motivation to do whatever it takes to come out of my years spent at this institution having left my mark. Now I did find myself, as I’m sure many others who started this journey already or will in the future, begin to feel overwhelmed. But because of my past experiences, that well prepared me, I was able to erase that emotion completely and ever since I’ve had zero nerves or anxiety only excitement. One reason I chose UAB was because it was my mother’s alma mater. Within the next two, maybe even four years I hope to find out more about myself and who I am, but most importantly I hope to find a piece of my mom that I didn’t know before. I already feel so close to her knowing she was here, just like me at the same age, pursuing her dreams. So in just one week… to fall in love sounds crazy, but call me crazy because that’s exactly what I’ve done.

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