Twenty Nineteen

19 Things

In honor of 2019 let’s talk 19 resolutions, goals, don’ts, and musts for this upcoming year!

  1. Starting off this year with a fresh cut so stay tuned… I remember the last time I decided to go short people were freaking out! “Don’t your hair!” “I like long hair better.” Well that just made me want to cut it even more. This year I encourage you do what you want. Don’t let others dictate your life’s choices! Try something new, nothing that will get you arrested haha, but a new look, new food, new new new!
  2. Experiences! This year I want to see and do as much as possible. I love traveling and I love concerts, this is the year I want to do more of what makes me happy! Spend some extra cash on tickets and load up for an adventure!
  3. I refuse to fall into old habits. I use to be the world’s worst procrastinator! This year I hope to completely demolish that mindset and to stay ahead of things. Especially school work! (no more waiting till night before… hopefully)
  4. One HUGE goal I have is to save! If you don’t have a savings account, start there! It’s so important and beneficial. I hope to be moved out of my parent’s house within the next 1-3 years and for that to happen I have to think ahead and be logical! So no extra spending…. oh Lord help me!
  5. Test the limits! I love fashion. The weirder the better. You don’t have to dress expensive to impress, even though we’d all love to. This year I want to dress more outside the box. Tip: the best way to test your style is to shop at your local thrift store. That way you’re not out loads of cash if something just sits in your closet or you only wear it once, @ me.
  6. MOVIES! Okay so I guess producers and filmmakers banded together and said 2019 will be the year of movies. Like seriously!! Lion King, Toy Story 2, Frozen 2, Dumbo, Aladdin… holy cow the inner child in me is freaking out a bit! These are obviously must sees!
  7. Writing. I have loved and enjoyed writing for years! Last year I started on an ebook and this year my goal is to finish creating it!
  8. I love coffee and literally look forward to it every morning, so I guess I will try to drink as much coffee as possible, haha…. that’s probably not healthy.
  9. Get out more! I am such a home body and this year I want to make myself get out of the house more!
  10. I’ve noticed I feel better when I wake up earlier, get that cup of coffee, put on Say Yes to the Dress, and work on a blog. So with my schedule about to be a little crazy I hope to find a fix where I can still make my mornings this enjoyable. (lame)
  11. Here we go… the gym! One reason I go to the gym is so I can tan, so I have a little extra motivation to get there. am i right ladies? Tanner keeps me motivated as well because right now he can’t go if I don’t go haha. I’m not looking to be the fittest person around, but to stay active. It feels so much better!
  12. I was the girl in high school who never went a day without wearing makeup. Like the two days a year that I did, people were like are you okay? That has definitely changed over the past two years! I have for sure grown comfortable in my own skin. I’ve probably went more days not wearing makeup and throwing a hat on, than actually getting ready. BUT I do I feel better when I look somewhat presentable. So I’m going to make myself, even if it be 4am get up and get at it!
  13. Try more things at restaurants besides chicken fingers and steak. This is one thing Tanner is great at and I am terrible! What if I order something and don’t like it? Then I’ll be hungry and sad… I’m going to try to get past that and venture out more this year!
  14. So I’m pretty sure I may suffer from some anger issues. I’m world’s worst at letting one thing ruin my day. While I’m not specifically asking for patience because Lord knows how God may test me haha, I am hoping to find that happy medium where I don’t want to come unglued when someone cuts me off! Relate?
  15. I’m going to vulnerable on this one. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day and not have one conversation with God. After the past year and a half I’m in a place where I’m happy and things are going really good for me. And sometimes its easy for me to forget to talk to God. Now that I’m not constantly sad and seeking for God to fix me it’s like I’m not sure what to say. I spent so much time trying to get better and trying to get better I lost a little bit of intimacy with God. I read a post a few days ago that said “Don’t forget God when you get what you prayed for.” That was like one of those oh snap moments for me. Not intentionally, but I’ve done that very thing. I’ve forgotten how to just talk to God without asking for anything. This year I am making it a point to make God a part of my day. Not forgetting to speak to him!!!!
  16. I’ve gotten in routine of sleeping on the couch till about midnight then going to bed for the night. Idk if that’s good or bad, but I really don’t think that’s the best idea for me to keep on trucking when I’m about to have to begin waking up super early for work/class. So rip to that routine!
  17. See more. So picking up at the of #16. I’m about to be commuting. I will have classes and work in Birmingham 4/7 days a week. One thing I want to take advantage of during this next season is exploring. Seeing more of whats out there. I love Birmingham, like really really. I can’t wait to find out all its quirks!
  18. Spend more time with friends and family. I guess this falls back under the bad habit of being a home body. I especially should know better when it comes to spending time with loved ones, but sometimes its just so dang hard to get out of the house when you’re all cozied up and a Netflix binge…. but in life there are no excuses.
  19. This is really a #1. I love social media, if that isn’t already obvious. That’s what my newest job endeavor is all about. This year I am challenging myself to turn my social media + blogging into a business. It’s something I dream of doing and watching people like Tezza, Olivia Rink, Suzy Shattuck out here living their best life excelling in the influencer field I have an even bigger passion for it. I have always wanted to be a travel blogger. I know I have so much room for growth, so in this year that’s what I’m focusing on. Digging in and making my mark. I’m so excited to see where I’ll be at the end of 2019.

So that I will have this to look back on I am already thanking God for all the amazing things that are going to take place this year! 2019 is the year people!

3 thoughts on “Twenty Nineteen

  1. YeS YES YES! So loved your point about “what if I try new food and I don’t like it…now I’m sad AND hungry lol” hilarious but oh so true! I am very inspired by you putting your resolutions out there! Its awesome to see that I am not the only Toy Story fan lol


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