First off if you don’t know who Tessa Barton is it’s probably because you’re use to seeing the handle @Tezza. One of the biggest Influencers on social media, a.k.a Instagram. InstaStyle is a book filled with her knowledge and expertise, it gives us an insight in to how she does what she does so successfully and it is filled with tips and tricks along the way. I asked and you guys def wanted to see a post with an inside look into her book. So grab some coffee, popcorn, or fuzzy blanket. Get cozy and let’s dive in!

Insta Style is divided into four parts: Instabasics, Curate, Create, and Elevate.


Instagram is a little world in your pocket and your part can consist of whatever you dream up. One thing Tezza sheds big light on is the idea of a “Team.” Don’t do this alone, find your partner. Instagram can be time consuming and stressful, but not if you allot your time and responsibilities with another person. With Instagram you get to be your own boss! Someone say HALLELUJAH.

“What do you have to gain? Everything. Start a new career, work with people you’ve always admired, launch a brand of your own, and build a worldwide network of kind, interesting, talented people. Jump on in!

Instagram Vocab

  • Influencer
    • Feed
  • Handle
    • Follow
  • Post
    • Grid
  • Like
    • Comment
  • DM
    • Stories
  • Highlights
    • Live
  • Private and Public Accounts
    • Archive

So what’s your niche? Where do you fall in the world of Instagram? Tezza dwindles down the categories to…. Lifestyle, Fashion, Travel, Food, Beauty, Family, Fitness, Interior Design, Flat Lays. I feel like this a toughy for me but I’ve decided I fall under a little bit of every category. But if I had to pick just one I would side with Tezza and fall under the Lifestyle category.

One reason I love this book so much is because of how honest, upfront, and encouraging each section is. So you have a smaller follow count? Girl rock on. Stay true to yourself. After all if what you’re posting makes you happy, you are all that you need to please. With an “engaged audience and killer personality” brands will come and you will slay!

Mission Statement

Tezza encourages us to write down a mission statement. Why you do what you do. Put it somewhere you will see daily and can look at whenever you’re in a “creative rut.”

My Mission Statement: To give insight into my life and thoughts as an overcomer. To encourage people to see there is more to life than the little box of a small town. Some of my topics include- vulnerability posts, new chapters of my life, and my style.


Defining your story. What content do you best identify with? Another great tip, creating post categories. Divide your posts into sub categories. This will help you stay focused and have a clear vision. I decided on the categories: Everyday, Fashion, Motivational. Okay one huge tip I’ve jumped right on board with! Bookmarking! The little save tab on Instagram that allows you to flag posts you love or find as inspiration. Then the great thing about bookmarks is you can save photos under specific categories for future inspo.

Behind The Pics

Location- Search instagram hashtags, adventure, ask a local.

Props– “I love the spark of energy that props add to any photo. Don’t limit yourself! A fun new prop is great way to put your unique stamp on your posts.” i.e flowers, food, cars.

Aesthetic- Consistency with filters. Be grid fancy: use borders, create a checkerboard feed, make a puzzle.

Decide what is post worthy and what is a heat of the moment thing. Have a circle of people you can shoot a text to for approval.


Tezza studied photography in college and she gives huge tips in this section of the book on ways to shoot with a DSLR and an iPhone camera. She discusses the importance of lighting, posing, and editing.

“Don’t limit yourself”

This is where we get insight into some of Instagram’s top influencers in all genres. Including Amber Clark and Aggie Lal aka @amberfillerup and @travel_inhershoes two powerful women influencers!


We get a how to guide from the very start of creating your Instagram in this last nugget of the book!

“Your captions are your chance to let your voice shine through, providing the perfect complement to your photos.”

We learn how to utilize the “story” tool, create highlights, and share creative vision through videos.

And probably most important… ENGAGING! Be interactive with your followers, ask Q&A’s, run a poll, etc. Get feedback! Make friends on Instagram with other powerful influencers.

Like mentioned in my previous blog post Tezza explains the importance of when to post and how often by learning your insights!

Lastly, Tezza sheds light on some useful apps! Featuring VSCO, Afterlight 2, Lightroom, Photoshop, and iMovie/Final Cut Pro.


So without giving away too much of INSTASTYLE, if you are looking to grow in this new year in the Instagram world. Create a brand, become an influencer, post creative content… then this book is perfect. It brings knowledge to so many important aspects of the Gram. I left with all my questions answered as well as learning some new things about myself. This book is $15.99 on Amazon so you’re not breaking the bank only bettering yourself!

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