How To Beat The Algorithm

2016. The year that changed it all. 2018. The year that changed it again.

The algorithm can be best described in three words: Interest, Recency, Relationship. You’ll see these words time and time again as you try to wrap your mind around what is the “algorithm.”

  • Interest– Based on your past actions, Instagram uses this information to formulate what it believes you want to see. Love to watch Dr. Pimple Popper? If you’ve sat on your explore feed for hours watching these videos Instagram goes *ding ding ding* and gives you more of what you want. If someone you follow, does for some reason post something related to the Popper, then they too are likely to appear at the top of your feed.
  • Recency– How recent something was posted puts a “first come first come first serve” basis on your feed. Which means if someone posts something today you’re more likely to see it than something that was posted a week ago.
  • Relationship– Love your mom? Miss her so much while living away from home you’re constantly commenting on her pictures of your pets. The constant commenting, liking, and tagging your mom tells Instagram that you really want to see her as much as possible.

Have you noticed your posts not getting as many likes, comments, or views? How can one post have 1,000 likes and the very next one only get 100? It’s enough to drive you crazy isn’t it! We’ll I’ve done some digging and tried my share of tips and tricks and here’s what I have to say…

Business Account

To have access to some real handy dandy tools you may want to switch your personal account on over to a business account. All you will need is a Facebook page to link your account to. What are the benefits of switching over? Do I sound like a cellular service yet haha?

  • Insights– See where majority of your followers are from, their age range, gender, and how many followers you have. Know what time of days your followers are most active and which days rank higher than others.
  • Promotions– Spend a few dollars to get your work out there. You can post a promotion for just one day to how ever long you like. Accounts that don’t even follow you will see your promotion on their feed and stories as ads. And just to throw some percentages out there for ya 75% of Instagrammers utilize these by clicking ads and being taken to your profile or shop.

Being Active

Instagram or any form of Social Media cannot be just a take and take scenario. You must engage with others. Engage with your followers. If someone inspires you let them know. Comment on your fellow Instagrammers posts, respond to comments you receive, do a few shoutouts, like, tag, ask questions in your captions, etc. Show people that you care and aren’t just follower hungry. This is a community. Which leads me to me next point…

Join A Group

Now if group messages drive you crazy this may not be for you, but one way to guarantee that your posts will get some love is to join a “L/C Group” (Like and Comment Group). For instance, a group of influencers band together and promise to like, comment, and save each person’s newest post. This is an easy way to get twenty or so likes and comments guaranteed and it’s a opportunity to meet new people + spread some Insta love.


An oldie but goodie. I used to put hashtag after hashtag on my cute little mirror selfies back in Jr. High. Over the years I stopped and thought it lacked it’s effectiveness. But many influencers still use this method. I started back and currently utilize these little guys. While you may not gain a 100+ likes from your creative hashtags, it doesn’t hurt. Use popular hashtags from a certain brand you’re wearing or a touristy place you visited. And don’t worry you’re not going to get banned by doing this. That’s phony bologny.


Utilize apps such as UNUM, POSTVU, or PLANN to view how potential Instagram worthy pictures will appear on your feed. Some of these apps will allow you to pre-write a caption and set a time you wish for them to be posted and do that part of the work for you. PLANN, if you upgrade packages or even try out the free week trial, will give insight to the best daily times to post down to the exact hour, your highest performing color palettes, and best performing hashtags. You can even sneak a peek at other influencers performance.


Now don’t do this every day, but every once and a while encourage your followers to turn on your post notifications and story notifications and maybe even describe exactly how to do so!

“And That’s The Tea” ☕️

I bet you thought the giant letters on the side would form a cool acronym right? I had high hopes for it as well, but instead we got “TINAUN” haha. Wrapped your head around the algorithm yet? Yeah me neither, but we’re all learning together. While we really want to beg Instagram to give us back our chronological order, we have to accept the new and realize Instagram is just trying to look out for us. Try a couple of these tools out and see if you can stop scratching your head so much in confusion. Good luck Instafam! May high engagement be with us. #TINAUN

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