The Perfect Christmas Spot

Dahlonega, Georgia

If you love Hallmark movies then Dahlonega is your cup of tea. Two movies have been filmed in this quaint little town, Christmas in Homestead and Christmas in the Smokies. This time of the year it is a beautiful sight. I personally loved being there at night to see the Christmas lights. We even had took a carriage ride. ( Which made me feel like Cinderella ) We had dinner at a little place called the Crimson Moon, it had live entertainment, I would give it a 6/10. Dahlonega is home to several shops, they had visits from Santa, and even Christmas Carolers. It really is what people dream Christmas to be.

Helen, Georgia

Helen is a German town with several tourist shops. Unfortunately it rained on us this day of our trip, but it didn’t affect our shopping! My favorite shop was a Holland style place that had genuine clogs, which looked beautiful in detail but definitely painful to wear haha. We ate at a restaurant named Paul’s Steakhouse, and I’ll give it a 6/10 as well! Helen reminded me of the strip in downtown Gatlinburg to give you an idea, and I enjoyed walking its streets.

Cleveland, Georgia

This is the city where we stayed during our visit. The home we were in, The Mount Yonah Castle, was stunning. It was amazing to wake up to this beautiful view every morning, while sipping coffee and hopping in the hot tub. 10/10 recommend! 

Anna Ruby Falls

And lastly, Anna Ruby Falls. We hiked to see the waterfalls on a rainy day and it actually worked out in our favor. The waterfalls were flowing powerfully and it wasn’t crowded a bit. Anna Ruby is near Helen and it is a half a mile walk. If you make the trip to Georgia this a must see! 10/10 on this beautiful sight seeing place.

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