Sugar High Look Book

We are here to make sure you are always lookin’ good while living out your best life story.

– Sugar High

Sugar High is all about “Above The Influence”

Which can really mean a different thing to each individual. For me, how I live “Above The Influence” is by just trying to be my happiest self. Doing things that make me smile. Trying not to let little things ruin an entire today. You guys know what I’m talking about… You drop everything as you’re running late and heading out the door, you stub your toe on furniture that has always been in that same spot, someone cuts you off, or you spill coffee all over your new shirt. It’s little things, and I mean a lot of little things, that can easily affect our mood. IF we let them. It’s one thing I fail at daily. I wear my easy to trigger emotion on my sleeve, and I hate it! So I’m determined to be better!

And that’s how I’m currently living above the influence. What is it for you?

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