Twenty Years

Journal Entry 03/10/18

Twenty years of life. Years and years. Two decades. Life has a way of changing tremendously in one year let alone twenty. As I exit my teens many things follow along my path. This twenty year mark highlights many milestones. Twenty years ago Dawson’s Creek first aired. Seinfield came to an end. Disney’s Animal Kingdom opened to the public. Brittany Spear’s “Baby One More Time” changed lives. Armageddon wrecked our world. That 70’s Show brought out laughter in our life. And on September 3, 1998 around 10pm I was born. My big entrance into life. Birthdays are a time of celebration. This year, this birthday is a time of reflection. If this were it. If this was the year. The age. That would be it on this earth, what would you have left behind? At a younger age you don’t leave behind many material things. If my time were now I’d leave behind a lot “so close.” Close to having an associates degree. Close to being a college graduate. I found myself asking “What do I really have to offer? What have I accomplished?” Your twenties… in the world that is today, in our culture and society, it seems as if your life should be “together” by the end of your twenties. I see my twenties bringing things such as a diploma, a career, husband, children. What many of us would tend to say. It’s weird turning a year older, because if you ask me I feel like I’m still 12 years old. Most of time I’ll tell you I’m 18 because I can’t remember myself. The number 20 brings words like: grown, adult, and mature to mind. But all I want from my twenties is adventure. I want moments. Memories. Love. Happiness. Milestones. What are the words that are motivating me as I tackle on this next decade? Two words. Two syllables. “Don’t Wait.”

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