Ugly Photoshoot Challenge



Is it still considered hopping on the bandwagon if the bandwagon has been gone for a while? Yes, we’re a little behind on this challenge, but it’s better late than never! Make sure you go check out my photographer the man himself:

Levi Sanford

Give him a follow, book him, and let him know I sent you by commenting this 👋🏼👸🏼 on his most recent pic!



We shot at 3 different locations in the middle of the day in the beautiful summer heat… wooh it was HOT.

1st Location- Dollar Tree


Explanation… Well we just left Dollar Tree buying props cheap as possible, am I right? When we saw this buggy… and needless to say well take a look

Disclaimer: No shopping carts were harmed in the making of these photos and we cleaned up our mess afterwards for the sake of the environment.

2nd Location- Car Dealership


This location was my favorite because everyone knows the danger of being anywhere near a dealership… salesmen. Well we made two new friends who were very intrigued about us using this tiny little wall for a backdrop. I swear it just appeared! I’ve lived here all my life and never noticed a pink wall

3rd Location- Old Car Wash


It does give off that sketchy abandoned vibe, but you gotta to do what you gotta do. Colorful walls that every Blogger and Instagrammer dream of are very limited where I live. You have to have a good eye and be able to turn on a dime haha

So that’s it! We gave it our best shot. What do you guys think? A success? Go comment on my Instagram post about this challenge and let me know! I had a lot of fun doing this and I think we did pretty good! Random photoshoot days are most fun. Comment if you want to see more challenges like this or shoot me some new ideas!

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