Project Repat

Project Repat

I’m such a sucker when it comes to photos, souvenirs, memory boxes, anything that I can have to look back at one day. So when @projectrepatusa reached out to me I was so excited because this a project me and mom always wanted to do! #projectrepat I’m in love with my 24 shirts I’ll never wear again blanket 💕

My Experience:

I’m not claiming to be a procrastinator but… It took me forever to sit down decide on my shirts and actually send them in. Project Repat was great on time though. I sent my shirts in on June 25th and received my blanket back exactly one month later! When designing the blanket you choose the underneath color, I chose grey. You send in the amount of t-shirts for the size blanket you decided on. The website has a step-by-step guide to help you through it! When I graduated high school I had several friends get “T-Shirt Quilts” as gifts. Now that I have this one I want another. I didn’t put anything from college on this one so would love to get another one after college. I also love the idea of getting a bunch of mom’s shirts and having one made for a keepsake! In other words, this is one of my favorite types of gifts, sentimental.

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