Incoming Freshmen Advice…

Journal Entry 07/23/18

My freshman year of college is over and I am now officially a sophomore. I’ll never be a freshman again. Having been one twice now I’d like to think I have some helpful knowledge. Being a high school freshman and being a college freshman are two different things, but similar at the same time. Today I am going to share my best advice for incoming college freshmen. Grab your pencils, or like many of us our one pencil we took from someone else, and start jotting…

  1. First things first, I know you more than likely will ignore most of what I’m about to say so this is to your future self… I told you so.
  2. College=Freedom and for some people too much freedom. While professors are not going to beg you to turn your work in or more importantly make you come to class…. they are two things you probably should do. In college, having an 8am class, hitting snooze sounds like a beautiful thing. From watching fellow classmates… a few consecutive missed classes may soon turn into a few weeks and then you’re here to take your final and no one has seen you since the first week of school or worse you fail the course. Many people think they can stop going to class and it will mean they’re no longer in it, that’s no true at all. That just means you fail the course. So listen to your teachers about dates for dropping with a WP or a WF if you’re not quite sure you want to remain in a class.
  3. I am currently at a community college and I drive to my classes. If you want the best parking spot, you make think you need to get there early, which can be true. But if you’re taking an 8am parking is usually open because let’s face it, it is an 8am. However, if you’re taking a 9:30 arriving close to time usually means you can ease right into a parking spot from a leaving 8am’er.
  4. Forget the bookstore. Use websites like Chegg or Amazon to order books for way cheaper. My college has a Facebook page where students will sale their old textbooks anywhere from $10 to $50. So search on the internet before you cough up hundreds of dollars or use up all of your beautiful financial aid on one textbook you may never use.
  5. Which leads me to my next point. When someone who has taken the same class you’re about to take says “You don’t need a book” you really don’t need a book and it is okay to listen to them!
  6. Make friends. You’re surrounded by new people it’s the best opportunity to make some of the greatest friends.
  7. Apply for any scholarship possible!
  8. Use the library to study, it is a beautiful thing.
  9. I am a person who believes you should strive to be the best you that you can be and do your best, but the saying “C’s get degrees” is little bit more relatable and you shall soon see. Try. Don’t stress yourself out. Maintain the GPA you need to maintain to keep your scholarship or for transferring and you’ll be just fine.
  10. Register during Advance Registration. Doing this means all of the best recommended professor’s classes will not be full!
  11. Dress up or wear what you slept in because this a judge free zone here.
  12. If you know you struggle concentrating and holding yourself accountable do not take online classes.


There are so many things you will learn in your first year of college. One being that eating becomes a hobby. If you’re moving off or if you’re going to a close community college learn you’re surroundings. What’s the latest you can leave to make it on time? What teachers close their doors right on time? Where’s the closest coffee shop? How many times can you hit snooze before it’s too late? You’ll definitely get your steps in for the day that’s for sure. Remember you’re walking to classes so check the weather in case rain is anywhere in the forecast. Venture out! Have the best freshmen year ever.

The most important thing to remember is be yourself. You’re going to find your peopleyour style, and your passion. This is an exciting time in your life make the most of it! Oh and also the “Real World” is not that bad.

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