De Clutter


All my words are clear and straightforward to everyone
who possesses spiritual understanding.
If you have an open mind, you will receive revelation-knowledge.

Proverbs 8:9

In this season of my life I’m desperately seeking answers to so many questions. Yesterday when I came across this verse I must have read over it ten times. It hit me. I’m thinking too much. How often do we do that? For me… all the time. But reading this scripture it’s evident. Just like this picture says if I want peace about where I’m headed I have to do two easy steps. Are you ready?

  1.  Stop worrying
  2. Trust God

… and he will lead me right where I need to be. Proverbs 8 tells us to have an open mind. When we are trying to figure things out ourselves, we are being close minded to the revelation God is wanting to bring us. He has all the answers. So why do we struggle and worry ourselves? Because as humans some times we think we can figure things out all on our own. But how many know that never works… If we have an open mind to what the Father is saying and revealing he’ll give us all the answers to all our questions.


God I open up my eyes, my ears, and my heart to what is it you are wanting to do. I am removing myself and trusting you. Remove my cluttered thoughts. I know that your ways are good and your promises are true. I trust in your timing. I know that you will and you are making all things work together for my good. So I trust you 100%. No more worrying, no more my way. Thank you God for your revelation knowledge and I pray that you will impart it into my life.

Trust God. Because Jesus changes everything.

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