DIY Clothing Rack


Items Needed:

  • Curtain Rod
  • Scotch Mounting Tape
  • Hangers

It really is as simple as it looks. A “DIY Clothing Rack.” First choose your style curtain rod. I chose a black 1″ rod that you can find here- 1″ Curtain Rod Along with the rod I color coordinated my hangers with the color of the bar. I chose black velvet hangers from my local TJ Maxx for only $9.99 (Hangers) I recommend hangers with a top that rotates, due to the rod being so close to the wall! You can use the screws that come with the rod to place it on your wall or you can purchase mountaining tape that won’t leave any residue! And TADAAA….. That’s it! And all under $20! What do you guys think? I’m super excited for future Instagram hauls and posts now. 😊 *whoop whoop*

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