“The Shift”

Journal Entry 06/23/18


A “Shifting Moment” an experience the changed your life all together. That made you new. As I left camp this year I declared that this week was my shifting moment. We heard several testimonies from people about the moments that changed their life. Before this week nothing really stood out to me. Nothing made me think “that was it.” That was win I gave it all to God and never looked back. As I was being mentored by my leaders I    shared that camp for my this year was what felt like, my last strand of hope. I needed it. Every year I gain something from camp and I knew this year would be no different. When we arrived at camp we prayed and were prayed over. As I was being prayed for I felt a new wind blow over me. For a while it has felt as if I was covered in dust and dry inside. I didn’t feel much and I didn’t know how to explain that. But I felt Holy Spirit blow the dust off of me. I smelled a new fragrance of the Lord. Since camp and everyday during it I felt God restoring me. I feel new. Like I haven’t before. I am publicly declaring that as of today, Worship Life Camp 2018 changed everything for me and inside of me.


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