My Freshmen Year Of College

Journal Entry 05/10/18

I can’t believe I’m now a sophomore in college. Seriously… I told everyone I was a freshman yesterday. It’s like when the year changes and you still write the previous year on all your papers. (I know I’m not the only one) I’ve loved my first year of college so today I wanted to end it with some advice.

1. Don’t Procrastinate Studying

I know you’re unlikely to listen to this, I mean I need to take my own advice. Whatever you do don’t wait until the night before to study for a test. In college odds are you only have maybe 2-4 tests in a class and those bad boys can make or break you. Don’t wait until the night before to study for a final and even worse…. the morning of. (We’ve all been here) Last, do nottttt wait until the night before to type a paper. Like I said, you probably won’t listen, I do the same. But here it is so we can look back and think hmmm should’ve listened.

2. No One Cares

This is actually pretty awesome. In college no one cares. You’re not being judged. Dress up if you like or roll out of bed if you like. College has been where I’ve felt most like myself. It’s a beautiful thing.

3. Find Your People

Odds are you’re not going to stay in contact with the hundred people you graduated with.  It’s crazy how close of friends you stay with people when you’re not forced to see them everyday. But good things come from this too. You’re going to find your tribe. Those people who don’t care who you were in high school. If you were a cheerleader, in band, not an A+ student, prom queen, or quarterback. It’s like slates are whipped clean and then we’re dumped into a new setting where we’re all equal. Talk to people, sit next to people you don’t know, form study groups. I’ve met some of my best friends in this past year. They say college friends stick! That sounds pretty good with me.

4. Be Involved

You know that one class in high school who has no school spirit? Yeah there lame! The same thing applies college. Stay involved! In the same way as high school, college is what you make it!

5. Find Your Passion

Many of us start college not knowing what we want to do in life. I’m sure many of graduate feeling the same way. You’ll figure it out. What’s your itch? What do you love to do. There are careers and outlets for everything. Do what makes you happy.

6. Find Your Remedies To Counteract Stress

Stress. College is great for it. But it’s all manageable. Whether you’re stressed over your gpa or a final grade, figure out what helps to counteract your stress. For me it’s coffee, a lit candle, and a bubble bath. Your mental health is so important. Don’t allow college to drain you. Enjoy it and just do your best!


For me, I chose a community college to attend for my first two years of college. You may be just how was in high school. “I’m moving off to college.” “No way am I staying here.” “No way am I going there.” I had my mind made up. But as my senior year ended I started to walk in God’s plan for me rather than my own. I was awarded the Ambassador scholarship to Bevill State Community College. I passed up scholarships to other schools including a cheer scholarship to Montevallo. I had myself convinced I was going to be a Montevallo Falcon. Today, I am a Bevill State Bear and I am so thankful. Starting off at a four year institution isn’t for everyone, starting off at a two year isn’t for everyone, college isn’t for everyone. For me, I know this is right. The campus I attend is beautiful. The faculty and the people I’ve met because of it are great. If you take any advice from this know that you don’t have to go in debt to go to college. My first two years of college are paid for. I’m out nothing. Had I had chosen to go straight to Montevallo my financial state would be much different. I know this choice was mean’t for me because I think if I were off at college when my mom had passed away, and had I found out over a phone call…. I would’ve ended up at home anyways. I believe it was inevitable that I started off at Bevill State. It’s apart of his plan for me. Your plan may be much different. But trust in it. Wherever you go and whatever you want to pursue. Stick with you gut.

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