I Have Worth. I Love Myself. I Am Good For The People Around Me.


Okay Okay Totally Irrelevant But I am the person who gets ready just to take pictures. Sunday morning I lucked up. I wore my new overall pants and was ready to make a statement hahaha. When I stumbled across this beauty… {Scroll to the end for outfit details}


I Have Worth

I Love Myself

I Am Good For The People Around Me

Three Statements I have found calm me down. Do you ever get really overwhelmed? Wake up with a headache? Have nightmares? Get cut off by a car? Do bad… actually worse than bad on a test? Maybe it’s just Monday and that’s enough to do it. Maybe it’s pretty bad… you hit a squirrel. Your food order was wrong and you didn’t check it until you got home. Maybe things are even a bit more serious than all that. The point is there are so many things in a day that we don’t tend to think about, but easily set us off. They spark an emotion we didn’t even feel coming on. That’s me lately. All my emotions are to the extreme. The worst part is I tell on myself. I turn as red as a strawberry. Over anything now- angry, sad, anxious. I’ll be fine one minute and falling apart the next. It could just be that point of the semester. Am I right! Feelings are hard. And no not feelings of love or dealing with relationships. Feelings you have. That only you see. That you don’t even know how to describe. The other day as I was having one of my many emotional car rides that I’ve grown accustomed to. My car has turned into my place to just let it all out. Everyone needs a place. A place you can go to for ten minutes. Cry, scream, just sit and think, whatever you need. In that moment of just beating myself up over the silliest things God spoke three statements. He gave me three powerful statements to speak over myself,

 “I Have Worth. I Love Myself. I Am Good For The People Around Me.”

It was amazing to me how those three statements calmed me down. Sometimes we don’t have the words to say that we really need to hear, but if we are listening Holy Spirit might just speak them. The next time you’re downing yourself, hating yourself, or blaming yourself. Listen. Speak the opposite of what you’re feeling.




Top- Forever 21

Overall Pants- Forever 21

Platform Wedges- Nellie Mae

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