If My Life Were Cut Short


Does it feel strange? To think of what’s next. Like literally what is about to happen within the next five seconds. We will plan out our future. Our degree, job, wedding, kids… when we don’t even know what we’re going to be doing hours from now. I’ve learned that we want answers to questions we may never get. If my life were cut short I would hope that it wouldn’t destroy those around me. How wrong is that? Someone dies and our lives feel over? If my life were cut short I wouldn’t want that to be the case. If my life were cut short I’d want people to know that the world isn’t over. A small part may have ended, but there is more to life than one person. That’s tough. There is more to life than a loved one. There is you. There is your purpose. There is your life. You were not created to lose yourself in someone else, unless it’s Jesus. If my life were cut short I hope people who love me could make sense of things. Feel comfort. If my life were cut short I’d ask God the question of why do people die young. I understand dying of old age. That seems normal. I even can rationalize and believe that they are being saved from what could happen later on. But I do wonder. Why some people live to be 80 and some people live to be 8. Why some people become parents and some don’t even become teenagers. You see what I mean now? Answers to questions we may never know. I’m curious. We all are. If my life were being cut short and I’d wonder why that seems to run in my family. If my life were cut short I’d want my closest friends and family to feel Jesus. To know I’m okay. If my life were cut short I pray it would count for something. A push. Turn someone into a fighter. Reveal a deeper meaning. We focus so much on the pain that comes from a life cut short. Quite honesty, when doesn’t it feel like time with someone you love isn’t cut short? You’ll think of a million things you’ve never thought before. You’ll be fearless and fearful all at once. I am in the process of learning to stop seeking after someone. To feel them. But rather to seek God. He is the comforter. When my life is over. When it feels cut short to those around me I can only hope that they see that there is so much more than just me. That they could move on. There is life before and after people. There is always Jesus. I don’t know why I wanted to write on this. Some thoughts feel better written or spoken. Maybe it will help you. If you’re dealing with loss. I promise I don’t know what you’re going through. I’m not asking if you’re okay. I just want you to know you’re not alone. Your feelings aren’t abnormal. Your dreams aren’t crazy. You have control over your thoughts and emotions. You were created with purpose and strength to surpass this. Your life doesn’t end here. Live it and live it fully. So that whenever your life does end you can rest in the fact you have no regrets. That you made the most of it. Life can get crummy at times, but it can also be really great. No matter where you come from or what happens to you, you can do this. I’m right there with you.

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