His Presence… Everywhere


I was so excited to go to prayer tonight and sit in the presence of Jesus. I was so ready to literally go sit criss cross apple sauce and just bask in his presence. When I got there that’s what I started to do when I heard Holy Spirit tell me to move. I’m a weird person, quirky I  guess. But the lights at our church, in the sanctuary, face down. I love standing  under them, closing my eyes, and just feeling all warm. Like Jesus is beaming right above me. Tonight Holy Spirit told me to do that. Sit under one of the lights. Well after debating if I was just crazy, I did. As I sat there God told me that I didn’t have to wait all day, go to a certain place, and sit in a certain position for me to feel him. It was like he was shining down his goodness, his love, and his presence over me in that moment. While saying,

“My presence is always with you. This moment is a reminder. I am beaming over you. I am shining down on you. I am always with you.”

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