Captivated & Cheap

What person doesn’t love the expensive look without actually having to pay the expensive price? ME! I’ve learned you don’t have to spend a $100 dollars to have nice things. If you’re like me the saying “Broke college kid” stands true. At my age you tend to be more worried about gas and food than splurging on clothes, doesn’t mean you don’t want to. Or maybe you see a sale on Forever 21 and you cave…. guilty. The Thrift Store has turned into my best friend! But so has comfiness = T-Shirts.

We are called to be disciples and for our top motive to be to bring people to God. But like again if you’re like me, sometimes you don’t know where to start or what to say. I believe one of the biggest ways for people see God is through his people. By the way we treat people. I also believe if maybe I don’t have the words to start off, that wearing things that show people what and who I’m about helps. Like a conversation starter! I was recently reached out to by an awesome young lady, Raegan, who is a young entrepreneur. I find that so inspiring! Because that’s exactly what I am striving to be too! Raegan has created her own company “Captivated Apparel” and I encourage you to check her out!

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