Where To and What To When It Comes To Pictures





I live in a really small town, like one red light everyone knows your name kind of town. I haven’t seen much of the world, but anytime I’ve traveled I’ve felt jealous even envious of the residences and travelers who experience these beautiful places everyday.  I love pictures, that has to be evident by now. One of my biggest complaints has always been “If I lived ___________ it wouldn’t be so hard to have a good background, beautiful scenery, nice lighting, tall buildings, tropical sightings, etc.” My photographer friend, AWESOME photographer friend, Levi Sanford a.k.a. Charles has shown me that you can make even the smallest town appear the biggest. In all the pictures you see above I am either in my house, at my school, in town, or 45 minutes away in a bigger city. It is possible! Which leads me to


Where can I go to take good pictures?

The key is to get creative. Maybe you’ve seen the Hobby Lobby challenge where photographers are making the most basic and normal places look absolutely incredible.


You don’t have to be in front of the ocean. You don’t even need the best camera. You just need to have a good eye. My friend Charles is great at this, that’s why I love shooting with him! Take days and just walk around your city. Look for colored walls, murals, places where the sun shines bright or where it doesn’t, staircases, flower fields, greenery. Think like a child again! For example, places I have been or tend to go are:

  • The alley way beside my church has buildings that have awesome walls for good backgrounds!
  • The tennis court beside my college
  • A local supermarket
  • A stop light
  • Downtown
  • My room
  • Fields
  • Laundromat


What can I do to make my pictures different?

How can I make them stand out? My answer for this question would be props! No nothing major, I literally used a Lays bag of chips the other day! Photos that stand out to me are those that show a person’s personality. I love “caught off guard pics.” I can take a hundred photos and choose to use the one that was a fluke.  What can you do to make your pictures different? Sure it’s great to draw inspiration from others, but know that you don’t have to be an exact replica. Be yourself. Post what makes you happy! How can you stand out? Try new things! Go new places! For instance:

  • Use balloons. Hit up Hobby Lobby!
  • Sparklers!
  • I love doing a “Vulnerability Post” where I let out what I’ve been dealing with. I’m not perfect and neither is my life and I feel like sometimes I need to remind people of that so that I am always showing my true self, or at least trying to. Not always easy to be open!
  • “Life Updates” I love these as well!
  • Pinterest is great for ideas!
  • Don’t be afraid to be silly.

Disclaimer: Not a professional by any means haha!

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