A Stray

It feels like I’ve passed hundreds of dogs lately. Yesterday at work it looked as if a dog had ran away from its owner. He had a vest on but no one in sight. I went to look out the door and lost sight of him. I passed three dogs today running down the road or over railroad tracks. I pass dogs all the time. Where I live, Jacks is the hangout spot for canines. Then it hit me. What I call a “Mrs. Jen moment.” What’s that? Who’s Mrs. Jen? Mrs. Jen is my spiritual leader and she has the ability to make everything spiritual. She can always reference scripture or hear Holy Spirit in any situation it feels like. So, today, while driving past a dog, I had one of those moments. A simple thought. “How many of us feel like a stray dog?” Born into this world but owed nothing. No one taking care of us. No food on our table. No roof over our head. No one to care where we go or when we go.

I can admit that sometimes I’ve felt like a stray dog. Weird… But relatable?

But as I heard that thought I saw that word being erased and felt an immediate reminder that I am very much apart of a pack. Maybe you don’t have people around to support you. Maybe the world isn’t on your side. Maybe you’ve been abandoned. BUT even if the world and people aren’t there for you, the person who knew you before you were even born cares. Tonight I was reminded that I have a pack. Sometimes I find myself feeling alone when I have people all around me. Even when I lie and convince myself that I have no one, I do. Here’s your reminder. That there are people for you. That there is a God who is for you. You are not a stray. You’re very much in a pack. 

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