My Tears Are Worth Something

My tears are liquid words and you read them all

Psalm 38

Have you ever not known the words to say? Not known the prayers to pray? You want God’s help… desperately. But you don’t know to ask? I have. Especially when it comes to prayer. The concept of having a normal and everyday conversation with God has always bewildered me. Why does that seem so difficult? I haven’t figured that out yet. But I know one thing I’m good at is being emotional with him. I’ve felt like sometimes I wasn’t doing enough. I wasn’t doing enough to be heard or for breakthrough to happen. Maybe I needed to have better vocabulary, stronger faith, or know more scripture for my prayers to work. But Pslams 38:9 says “My tears are liquid words and you read them all.” Even when we don’t have verbal words to say he hears us. He can feel when we are hurting and he can understand the pain behind our tears. If you are at a breaking point all you have to do is be vulnerable before him. Don’t hold back your tears. They mean something. They are understood just as much as words.

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