Check list to Mind Shift

IMG_2099 2.JPG

Have you ever made a checklist? Have you ever made one about things you want? Things you want to change about yourself? Goals? I think sometimes we do this just with our thoughts. We think about all the things we could do differently, how we can lose weight, how we can look better, have more followers, get more money, etc. And its easy to get caught up in these things when they are glorified everyday. 9/10 I’m thinking about what I can do to build up my social media platform, what outfits I can wear, what I can do to make more money. But in reality… none of that matters. I feel Holy Spirit calling us, me, to a mind shift. Instead of waking up and your immediate thoughts being everything you need to get done in that day, just love on Jesus. Thank him for another day. Release all of that extra stress you put on yourself. Stop worrying.

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