Express Yourself

Forget the rules if you like it wear it.



What’s your style?

Something I’ve always struggled with was what box did I fit in? When it comes to my outer appearance. How did I want to present myself? I went through tons of phases growing up. Girls we’ve all been through the blue eyeshadow, pony tail on the side of our head, peace signs in selfies stage right? Well I know I did. Braces and all. But is it weird to feel like I knew who I was more at the age of thirteen and in jr. high than in high school? It makes sense. Highs school, that time span of your life when you’re figuring out who you are as a person and who you want to be. Maybe you try a little bit of everything. I never went into a gothic phase, or a super edgy and cool phase. I never dyed my hair pink, though I wanted to. I never really went beyond the limits or challenged myself. However, when you’re in high school you can’t do much with a dress code am I right? Then college. College has been the time in my life where I let go a little bit. I stopped carrying, or worrying, so much of what will people think… at least I’m trying. I’ve started thinking well how do I feel and I’ve began breaking off those old insecure habits. Lately, I’ve loved changing it up. Nothing new, if not a time hop. I have jumped back to the 90s. I’ve realized I love everything about its style. Many disagree with 90s fashion and its entirety, but I love it! It’s out of the box. I challenge you to not wait like me. Stop worrying about if you’re going to look weird to others. Stop worrying about being judged. Start a trend. Dye your hair. Cut it off. Get a tattoo. Cut a pair of jeans. Pierce your nose. Be yourself. What we look like shouldn’t be judged, but it should be a way we express who we are. Have fun with it and with life. Do you boo boo. Do you. As for me? I’m living it up at the thrift store lately. I’ve fell in love with Brandy Melville and my best friend has been on my back about my slight middle part. But hey it feels right!

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