Your Love Is Like A Waterfall

Your love is like a waterfall, waterfall
Raining down on me

Do you ever feel the love of God and a smile suddenly grows on your face without hesitation? In that moment there are no worries in the world. The other night I had one of those moments where it was just me and God. There were people all around but in that moment of sitting in his presence the crowd disappeared, the place went black, and there was a spotlight on just me and God. Actually the spotlight was probably him because he is light.

In that moment I could see a waterfall with rushing water. It was pouring out and never stopped. Picture that: You’re sitting in the presence of Holy Spirit. There is a bright light over you both. There is a waterfall with running water above you. That waterfall represents the love of God. You literally have his love pouring out on you. He’s softening your heart and he says:

My love for you is like a waterfall. It’s pouring out. I’m giving you all my love, never ending. I’m all in. You are submerged in my love. Nothing and no-one can come between or against us. In this moment it’s me and you. Meditate in my spirit. Feel my love. Smile my child. I love you.

“Meditating day and night in his true revelation of light.” Psalm 1:2

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