Hopelessly Devoted

He’s clearing the way.

This morning while I was driving to school I was stuck behind a ton of traffic. I wasn’t running late but every car in front of me was going so slow and I couldn’t understand the reason why we weren’t moving. Then all of the sudden the car in front of me got into the other lane. Then the car in front of it turned. Then the car that was in front of that one got over. All in a matter of a few seconds. I immediately had a smile on my face. In that moment I heard Holy Spirit say “God is clearing a path for his people.” Through patience and building, working on, patience and trust in the Father- He will make a way when there doesn’t seem that there is one. Isaiah 43 “I am making a way.”


I was a hopeless fool
Now I’m hopelessly devoted

I love how two completely different things can tie perfectly together somehow. Yes, I    just paired Grease with a Christian song. BUT! It’s good to know the world has good, we just have to pull it out sometimes. That was random but hey when you hear something or feel something click share it no matter how crazy it sounds.

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